Joint flying for testing?

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Joint flying for testing?

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Hello pilots,

please let me introduce myself, I am Oswald from Germany and have been flying for quite a few years with FlightGear, the open source flight simulator.

With the new release version of Flightgear, there is the new opportunity to join flying with pilots of other flight sims like P3d, FSX, X-Plane. I would like to test it, and have been successful to setup swift and connect to the x-flightserver.

I am looking for some non-FG pilot who is experienced with this server and has a bit of interest to test with me a small joint flight - just to see how well the planes are visible, animated etc. No big birds, just general aviation would be fine.

If somebody is interested, give me a pm or post your reply here. Deutsch würde es mir leichter machen, but English is fine anyway.

Regards, Oswald

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