CSL entries with 4 or 5 characters

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CSL entries with 4 or 5 characters

Post by ghun1 »

There are some excellent obj8 format CSL files available from X-CSL but many use four letter codes (eg B739W) for acf and often five letter codes (eg DALWL) or even six letter codes (eg DALWL2) for the livery to use.
Although I have these CSL files in my library, X-IvAp cannot read them.
Is it possible to make them available to X-IvAp in the future?


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Re: CSL entries with 4 or 5 characters

Post by Thomas »

Hello Gary,

the way I see it, the development of X-IvAP is stalled. My knowledge of the sources and the protocol for exchanging model data in X-IVAP is that only 4 characters are provided for the aircraft type. Also there is no information that Vulkan will be implemented for X-IVAP in the near future. My recommendation is therefore to switch to swift. This client is a bit more complex, but is actively under development and X-Flighserver.net actively supports this client.

a3g Thomas

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