X-IvAp for Mac

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X-IvAp for Mac

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Hello, Since the issue of X-Plane 11.50 my friend and I cannot see each other's aircraft when trying to fly together. Our aircraft are connected to Teamspeak and we can communicate and they are visible on the map of Littlenavmap. We suggest that Vulcan/Metal in X-Plane 11.50 is the culprit and most likely an adjustment in X-IvAp has to be made. Can you please help us out? Thank you for your attention, Regards, Henk

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Re: X-IvAp for Mac

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Hi Henk,

X- IvAp does not work with Vulkan and will not work with Vulkan.
There are two possibilities:

1. Use X-IvAp but not Vulkan

2. Switch to swift. You will find hints to use it here: https://www.x-flightserver.org/forum/vi ... p?f=3&t=40

Kind regards
Kind regards,


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